October 2, 2014

10 Days Without Internet... How Does One Survive?

Hi all... For over 10 days I have not had internet or a computer... Yikes. I did have my cell phone but the area where we were only had occasional 3G reception (with one bar)... which when trying to use a smart phone was kinda like using dial up and then having it repeatedly FAIL... Uhg. How did we ever use slow dial up and wait 3 or 4 minutes for one page to load?  

I found myself starting to go stir crazy. We don't realize how attached we are to our computers and social media until we don't have it for awhile. Then when you take away the use of our phone, I personally felt a bit lost. I guess that is a sad statement, but it's true.

As of today we are back among the living :) We finally have actual internet access... It's hard to think back to when we lived without it!  

I hope you are doing well!


September 18, 2014

Update - What's Been Going On

It has been over 100 degrees here for the past week plus. I can't even begin to think Fall decorating yet... It is still fully Summer here!

The last two weeks have been crazy busy.. Along with the crazy California heatwave my dad had to have a triple bypass (open heart surgery). Two weeks ago he went in for an Angiogram to see how things looked and they found a few major blockages. He was admitted immediately (Friday) and then doctors operated on him first thing Monday morning. I am happy to say surgery was a complete success and he is home now and healing very well. It's amazing that they have the ability to do such a major surgery and send you home just a few days later!

With family things in the forefront decorating has been on the back-burner, Eventually I will get some decorating done here and I will be sharing it with you as soon as I do. I hope you all are doing well.


September 3, 2014

Wow... School Has Started Time to Start Thinking FALL

The weather is still in the mid 90's where I live in Southern California and it's hard to believe that FALL is just around the corner. 

As I was browsing through a few of my favorite stores this past weekend, seeing Fall decor everywhere, I realized that this past year seems to have completely flown by!!! 

So as I'm finishing up a few projects around the house I'm also starting to think about what I will do to decorate for this Fall season.

Here are a few links to prior Fall posts of mine:

August 23, 2014

Finally A New Computer - Why I love my HP Envy

I'm sorry I was away for a bit. After my computer took a dump I was told it would take two to three weeks for repair. I finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase a new laptop. Sadly, my old one was just about 15 months old and of course it was out of warranty (Ugh!). 
Once I decided to get a new computer, then came the debate of whether to buy an Apple MacBook or a Windows based laptop. I do have an iPhone and an iPad, but when it comes to my actual computer Windows is all I've ever known. Macs are so cool and I've always wanted one... but they are also much more expensive and I have no idea how to actually operate one (hehe). So in the end, I ended up with another Windows based computer. I haven't had an HP laptop in over 10 years, but I fell in love with the HP Envy! It has a 360 degree flexible screen hinge which allows me either use it like a traditional laptop or fold it completely flat (like a huge tablet)... It still has a full size keyboard and it is also a touchscreen which makes it super convenient!!!
This photo shows my new laptop in all of the different positions it can be used in. I am loving it so far and am so glad I made the decision to go with the HP Envy! Now I can get back to blogging and soon I will share the projects that I've been up to around here.
Until next time,

August 11, 2014

DIY Blogger Challenges - My Laptop Died

When it comes to computers I basically have two.  A 15 month old a Windows based laptop and an iPad mini.  My 15 month old ASUS laptop has decided to completely die on me! It has no power (zero). When I plug it in it won't charge at all. Of course this is the first time that I didn't buy the extended warranty (go figure)... Why is it that when you buy the extra warranty you never need it, but when you don't have the extended warranty things break??? And they usually break shortly after the manufacturers warranty expires. Ugh!!!

I've always figured that if I ever had a problem with my laptop I could just blog from my iPad. So here I am typing very very slowly from my mini... The sad thing is I've discovered that I'm clueless at how to attach any pictures via my iPad! I didn't think I was technologically challenged, but apparently I am ;)

So although I have three projects to share with you, it may be several days before you will see any actual pictures.  I'm not sure if it's worth paying to have the laptop repaired or if I will just have to get another. Tomorrow I will visit Geek Squad and see what my options are.

In the meantime,
Happy Decorating and God Bless!